Group of European ICSU Members

Workshop "Open data in science: challenges and opportunities for europe"

Globalisation, enhanced digital technologies and an increasing demand to address societal challenges profoundly changed the conduct of scientific research and the dissemination of its results during the last two decades or so. The explosion in the velocity of data creation, alongside the capacity to acquire, store and manipulate data and exchange data online presents a real revolution in knowledge creation, usage and dissemination. A consensus prevails among scientists, funding agencies, publishers and policy makers that the transition to a truly data driven research environment can only be achieved by establishing a globally interoperable research infrastructure such as the European Open Science Cloud. For that purpose, the FAIR Data Principles were defined to create a trusted environment where partners from the public and private sector can deposit, find, access, exchange and re-use each other’s data, workflows and other research objects, but the ongoing drive for Open Data in science is not simple and its success requires much effort in Europe and beyond.

To address the challenges and opportunities of Open Data for the scientific enterprise in the European context, the European ICSU Members organise a workshop on 31 January 2018.

Workshop programme and registration